I Don’t Know

These three simple words, like many three-word phrases, hold a lot of weight and a lot of confusion.

I wrote the title of this post as a sort of internal joke to myself; I genuinely didn’t know what I wanted to write about. But, as is nearly always the case, my mind has drummed up something for the captivated masses. All five of you.

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Perceptions of Perfection

Our standards are higher than ever: we expect the best from everyone at all times, and if one doesn’t rise to the expectations of their peers, they’re criticized.

This is not a new concept. No matter what, people are going to point out what’s wrong with someone else (and will go to great lengths especially if they don’t like you), casually ignoring their own faults.

But what I’m focusing on is this strange air of professionalism that’s permeating everything we do now. This is, in part, because of the internet and how easy it is to scroll through someone’s life. People become so afraid of having their pasts used against them that they erect a massive wall and hide under the shiny veneer of perfection.

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