Passions Pit

What do you want to be when you grow up?

At the moment, I want to be a copy editor. I actually am a copy editor, but I’d like to be more of one. (And as a side note, any mistakes you see in my posts will have to be excused, because this blog is mainly for me to express my thoughts as they come.)

What if editing doesn’t work out? Then I’d like to go into web development. I know, I know; it’s the newest job trend. But being involved with computers – hardware, software, internet – has always been a keen interest of mine since I was in primary school. Granted, I’ve had a lot of interests since then, but these are the two that stuck.

When people asked me what I wanted to be, I told them I’d like to do editing or computer repairs. That always turned or tilted heads. Many people were quick to point out how “unrelated” the two fields are, and on the surface, yes, I can agree.

When you think of writing or any of the arts, your mind fills with images of the starving artist, colors and emotions splashed against every wall, blood, sweat, tears…

Conversely, the image of a computer repair person or programmer is static, almost robotic. Sterile and cold, in a way.

I’d like to argue, however, that they’re not so disconnected after all. Both editing and (for the sake of comparison) coding are heavily analytical. They both require a sharp eye for detail and a love for following established conventions. They also require tolerance, creativity, and a mind that encourages out of the box thinking.

(They are both incredibly tedious.)

Once I sat down and mapped out why I want to go into each, then it wasn’t so hard to start making connections. It also gave me good insight into my own personality and how I like to work. I like structure. I like creativity. I like a solid and healthy blend of both. Above all, I like helping others.

And that’s why I’m pursuing the two. While I’m pushing out job applications for editorial positions, I’m also taking time every day to study programming. At the moment, I’m learning Javascript. I’m already comfortable with HTML and CSS. I hope to move on to PHP and Python in the future, and from there, see where my journey takes me.

Your interests are not as diametrically opposed as you think. It is not always a battle of either-or.


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